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Revolutionizing Outdoor Furniture: Elevate Your Designs with Our Exceptional Fabrics

date 2023-08-22

Our holistic production chain – from yarn spinning to weaving, dyeing and finishing, coating to printing, and laminating – enables us to craft fabrics that marry innovation with quality.

With a robust research and development team, a cutting-edge product testing laboratory, and a dedicated service squad, we bring a unique synergy to the outdoor fabric industry.


Quality, Precision, Assurance: Our Unwavering Commitment

Quality control isn't just a process;  it's our promise.  Our dedicated QC team ensures that each fabric upholds the highest standards, meeting requirements and exceeding customer expectations.


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Global Reach, Local Trust: Partnerships that Fuel Success

Our bonds with distributors and traders across the United States and beyond illuminate our commitment to delivering excellence globally.

These long-term collaborations not only expand markets but also enrich customer experiences, making us a trusted name in the outdoor fabric realm.


Exporting Excellence Worldwide

From North America to Europe, Oceania to South America, our fabrics embark on journeys to enrich outdoor living across diverse regions.

Our products, meticulously crafted, find their place in outdoor furniture designs that transform spaces.


Tailored for Every Vision

Imagine fabrics engineered for outdoor furniture that transcend conventions.    Our customization services cater to your specific needs, marrying functionality and style.

Waterproof, UV-resistant, durable, and mildew-resistant – our fabrics embody characteristics that withstand the harshest outdoor elements.


Seamless Delivery, Every Time: Our Promise of Punctuality

Timely product delivery is etched into our ethos.    With a seasoned supply chain management team, we orchestrate production and logistics to ensure every fabric reaches you on time, every time.



outdoor fabric production



Designs that Echo Innovation

Our designs are more than patterns;they're narratives of innovation.

With a design team that revels in creativity, we're providing fabrics that elevate outdoor furniture to a realm of uniqueness.


Sustainability at Our Core: Where Eco-Consciousness Meets Excellence

Environmental protection is non-negotiable.Our fabrics echo sustainability, crafted from eco-friendly materials that meet stringent environmental standards.


When you choose ZhengDa, you're embracing more than fabrics – you're embracing comprehensive support.Our technical assistance and after-sales care ensure you're never alone on your journey of creating outdoor masterpieces.


Contact us and let's create outdoor furniture designs that leave an indelible mark.